Remote Navigation Audit

A Remote Navigation Audit provides an objective independent check by a trained auditor that the correct procedures are being followed on board. The human element is generally acknowledged to be a major factor still in many shipping incidents and accidents so this audit reduces the risk of future accidents occurring.

remote navigation audit

How it works

  • The client sends in the VDR data along with copies of relevant voyage documents and charts (on memory stick, DVD, or over the Internet)
  • A trained auditor carries out a review of Bridge Team procedures, VDR data, passage plan, voyage documents, etc. against company policies and industry best practices
  • The auditor’s review of the VDR data is performed using analysis software which has been developed in conjunction with national accident investigation authorities. This ensures that the most comprehensive level of analysis can be consistently applied to the data, independent of the VDR make/model
  • The auditor produces a written report with observations and recommendations based on the findings
  • Each audit report includes screenshots, and a video clip where required to illustrate any key points
  • The reports and video clips are reviewed by management prior to issue, and digital delivery to your e-mail inbox


  • Choice of the time period/location for the audit (i.e. the client chooses the approach to a particular port, or transit through a TSS etc. to target known or suspected problem areas/ships for the audit)
  • Known/fixed fee costs (i.e. saves on the variable travel and waiting times/costs of conventional audits)
  • No impact on Bridge Team by presence of the auditor, enables actual routine practices and procedures to be reviewed
  • Depth of review – e.g. the data can be paused/replayed by the auditor more than once to check exactly what’s happened, in a way that’s not possible with a conventional audit
  • A video of the replay can be used to debrief the bridge team, and/or communicate the findings more widely across the fleet (desensitised if required)
  • The routine use of the VDR data ensures that the VDR is functioning correctly, and the crew know how to save and download data, so that VDR data should always be available for any subsequent incident

A 1-page summary of this consultancy service is available for reference at: Remote Navigation Audit

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