Review of Bridge Team Performance

Azimuth Nautical Solutions is pleased to offer a Review of Bridge Team Performance on behalf of owners and management companies, to identify potential areas of improvement in team performance and Bridge operations.

The maritime industry increasingly recognises the evaluation of team performance as being fundamental in supporting safe and efficient vessel operations. The ongoing review and improvement of human element effectiveness consequently plays a significant role in the enhancement of team performance and operational proficiency.

Bridge Resource Management entails the management and development of critical non-technical skills, and integrates social and cognitive elements:

Social skills

Team building and team working, inspirational leadership, effective communication, successful multi-cultural engagement, planning and coordination of individual skills to ensure successful management of team workloads

Cognitive skills

Advanced situational awareness, problem analysis/solving and risk-conscious, well-informed decision making

Despite advanced technology and modern Bridge equipment, navigation-related accidents and incidents continue to occur regularly and poor teamwork is often cited as one of the main reasons for these mishaps. However, mariners should be less concerned about making potential mistakes than of failing to learn and assimilate the lessons from previous errors made by either themselves or their colleagues.

In conducting a review of Bridge Team Performance, our assessor-trainers bring a wealth of experience in generating and maintaining effective Bridge Team Management (BTM) skills.  They focus on ensuring that the Bridge team is effectively organised to ensure the safe and timely arrival of a vessel through the execution of competent navigation, using all equipment and techniques to full advantage. This is achieved through consolidating and developing voyage planning skills, ensuring clarity of purpose and embracing effective organisation and management principles.

The assessment and training process avoids reference to acts of management by one person, but aims to develop a continuous acceptance and understanding by each member of the team, to both fulfil the roles to which they have been assigned and also to interact effectively with the other team members.

Assessment and training is personalised to suit company-specific requirements and can be focused on specific areas, such as developing BTM skills using paperless navigation.

A 1-page summary of this consultancy service is available for reference at: Review of Bridge Team Performance

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