BOSIET & ECT – Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training with Escape Chute Training (OPITO)

This 3-day BOSIET & ECT – Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training with Escape Chute Training (OPITO) course is designed for new entrants to the offshore oil and gas industry in the areas of offshore activity using emergency breathing systems (EBS).

Most offshore oil and gas installations, wind farm and vessel operators require their employees, contractors and, in some cases, even visitors to undertake this training prior to travelling offshore.

The training covers the requirements for the areas of offshore activities where EBS are in use. The inclusive escape chute training (ECT) meets mandatory or company-specific training requirements with this safety equipment. The combined training programme is fully approved by OPITO with supporting certification (see below) and both accredited to the Vantage database upon successful completion.

Course content

The course consists of two OPITO-approved training programmes:

1. Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET), which is based on four modules:

  • safety induction,
  • sea survival (including first aid),
  • fire fighting and self-rescue, and
  • helicopter safety and escape including HUET (helicopter underwater escape training) with EBS.

This training provides students with a basic understanding and awareness of the hazards encountered during travel to offshore installations and the emergency procedures to be followed in the event of an offshore incident. Certification is valid for four years from the date of issue.

2. Escape Chute Training (ECT) – introduces both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises in the safe use of escape chutes increasingly used on offshore installations and vessels. Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Escape chute training is an additional course developed by OPITO and is acceptable under the Mutual Recognition of Basic and Refresher Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training agreement between Oil & Gas UK, Norsk olje og gass (Norway), Olie Gas Danmark (Denmark) and NOGEPA(Netherlands).

The Mutual Recognition document has been in effect since November 2007 and was revised in September 2014 to continue harmonising offshore survival training standards within sectors of the European North Sea. This course will satisfy the offshore survival training requirements for personnel intending to work in these European sectors not requiring compressed air emergency breathing systems (CAEBS).

Please see the Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training with CAEBS and Escape Chute Training course if you require CAEBS training (currently necessary within UK and Dutch North Sea sectors).

Course Availability & Fees

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Southampton (Warsash Maritime School)