Company Security Officer (ISPS)

This 3-day Company Security Officer (ISPS) course is aimed at senior operational ship managers who may be designated to perform associated duties and responsibilities, as defined by sections A/2.1.7 and A/11 of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The course is based on the recommended guidelines of IMO Model Course 3.20 (2011 Edition) and IMO MSC/Circ.1154 ‘Guidelines for the Training and Certification for Company Security Officers‘. It includes a personal copy of the ISPS Code (2004 Update: A Practical Guide) and an associated Company Security Officer training guide with example templates.

On successful completion of the training course, delegates will receive a Company Security Officer training certificate that fulfils the Nautical Institute’s recognition standards for continuous professional development.

A 1-page summary of this training course is available for reference at: Company Security Officer

Course Objectives

Delegates will be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a Company Security Officer, identifying behaviour patterns of individuals likely to threaten security, detecting weapons and utilising security equipment and systems to ensure that ship security plans and associated documentation are maintained.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the ISPS Code
  • Evaluation of ship security vulnerability and threat assessment
  • Ensuring appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained
  • Understanding of maritime security policy to include mandatory rules and regulations
  • Security assessment techniques, questioning, evaluating and reporting
  • Develop, maintain and supervise the implementation of the ship security plan
  • Technical and operational aspects of security management of ship security equipment
  • Organisation of ship security audits and on scene security surveys and ship security plan management
  • Effective communications with shipboard staff, senior management and flag administrations.

Course Benefits

  • Delegates will have gained a good understanding of the ISPS Code, its importance, their role within it and appreciation of current security threats and risks to maritime operations
  • Individuals will acquire the skills needed to conduct comprehensive security assessments, ensuring development, implementation, and continued improvement of the Ship Security Plan
  • Individuals will learn how to liaise and coordinate with Ship and Port Facility Security Officers, contracting governments, security services and agencies, in order to become a competent Company Security Officer (CSO)
  • Delivered by experts with International safety and security management, compliance and verification experience in an engaging interactive style, with a variety of security and safety related scenario case study workshop exercises

Course Availability and Fees

Dedicated group courses for corporate clients are available upon request. The associated inclusive corporate fee will be subject to specific company requirements, such as delivery location, number of delegates etc. For further information or to make a group booking, please telephone +44 (0) 2380 173838 or email:

Open attendance courses for individual course delegates are also now being regularly delivered in Hampshire, UK. For further information or to make an individual booking, please telephone +44 (0) 2380 173838 or email:

Course Information

Nautical Institute
3 days
At least 18 years of age and 12 months of certified sea service. Evidence of competency at an operational management level. Candidates attending the course should be fluent in English and have an identification card or passport with them.

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