Engineer OOW (Unlimited) – Specialised Route

During the Engineer OOW (Unlimited) – Specialised Route programme, candidates will undertake the requisite Workshop Skills training (unless exempted by the MCA), which is taught and assessed to the satisfaction of the MCA in accordance with MNTB standards.

Engineer Officer of the Watch (OOW) candidates must also pass the initial STCW safety courses before completing a minimum 8 months sea service within 12 months industrial experience (including 6 months engine room watch keeping duties).

During the sea service period, candidates will complete an MNTB Training Record Book to the required standard and complete Guided Study course material before returning to the Academy.

During the final Academy phase, candidates will complete all additional STCW certification courses and attend tutorials prior to undertaking IAMI EK Written Examinations (on General, Steam/Motor and Instrumentation & Control Engineering Knowledge) and the MCA Oral examination.

For additional information, please review the Maritime Career Progression Charts for marine engineering certification.

Course content

  • Workshop Skills Training (completion of MNTB Workshop Skills Record Book)
  • IF REQUIRED – Guided Study course for General, Motor/Steam and Instrumentation & Control EK examinations.
  • MNTB Training Record Book completed during sea phase.
  • Statutory STCW certification courses.
  • Academy tutorials for IAMI EK Written Examination and MCA Oral Examination.

Course Availability

Please contact the Admissions and Recruitment team for further information:

Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 5015


Course Information

1 week in first phase to complete initial STCW safety courses and MNTB Training Record Book briefing. Minimum of 8 months sea service, including completion of MNTB Training Record Book. Approximately 7 weeks in the final phase to complete statutory STCW certification courses, tutorials, IAMI EK Written Examination and MCA Oral preparation, as required. An additional 15 weeks will be needed if the candidate is required by the MCA to complete the full range of MNTB workshop skills training.
Specialised academic qualifications and/or experience recognised by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) in a ‘Letter of Initial Assessment’ Valid personal medical fitness certification recognised by the MCA. Overseas students are required to hold an English language qualification to UKVI IELTS 4.0 or equivalent.