LNG Tanker Operations - Membrane (LICOS)

This 4½-day LNG Tanker Operations – Membrane (LICOS) course is delivered on the Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator (LICOS) and commences with the vessel having left the shipyard with cargo tanks containing only dry air, and follows a voyage cycle during the course of the week.

This includes initial inerting of interbarrier spaces and cargo tanks and pipelines, gassing up of cargo tanks and lines, cooling down, loading, gas burning on a loaded voyage, discharge (with or without shore vapour return), cargo tank management on a ballast voyage and the pre-docking operations to gas free the vessel.

Each operation is preceded with a briefing to discuss the operation and equipment to be used. The detail and level of demonstration prior to conducting the operation is varied depending on delegate experience.

Each operation concludes with a debriefing where delegates discuss their experience with the instructor to consolidate their learning experience.

The ship

  • 136,00m3 LNG carrier with a GTT MkIII membrane and steam propulsion system
  • Two cargo pumps, a spray pump and emergency pump trunking per cargo tank
  • Two high duty compressors
  • Two low duty compressors
  • One low duty heater
  • One high duty heater
  • One LNG vaporiser
  • One forcing vaporiser
  • Three electric driven ballast pumps serving 10 ballast tanks
  • Fixed gas detection system
  • Portable gas detection system
  • Interbarrier space nitrogen system and controllers
  • Cofferdam heating system

We currently offer two versions of the LNG simulator course. The alternative LNG Cargo Operations – Management Level (SIGTTO) course is best suited to those who already have some LNG experience and follows the syllabus set out by SIGTTO in their suggested LNG competence standard (second edition 2008) at the management level.

The course follows the same drydock to drydock voyage cycle as the LNG Tanker Operations course but includes a wider range of subjects as set out in the SIGTTO syllabus.

Course Availability and Fees

This course is delivered upon request.

Please select the appropriate link for further information, course dates/availability and fees.

Southampton (Warsash Maritime Academy)