Master's Orals

This 4-week Master’s Orals course enables candidates to achieve Master (Unlimited) certification by the MCA Oral examination route. Candidates will receive tuition and guided study in preparation for the MCA Oral examination.

Candidates must hold valid STCW certificates in ‘Human Element, Leadership & Management (Management Level)’ and ‘Proficiency in Medical Care aboard Ship’ before taking their MCA Orals. If not already held, these courses can be undertaken outside of the main course.

For additional information, please review the Maritime Career Progression Charts for deck certification.

Course content

The course is primarily concerned with preparing candidates to answer the MCA Examiner’s questions based on studies previously undertaken. Tutorials are mainly devoted to Seamanship, Magnetic Compass and Shipmaster’s Business & Law, although presentation of other topics may be arranged where the whole group should benefit.

Tutorials will be delivered as formal lectures and/or demonstrations as appropriate, supplemented by group discussion, question and answer sessions and directed study.

Candidates are also encouraged to make full use of other learning resources, including the library, internet access and feedback from previous candidates.

Course Availability & Fees

Please contact the Admissions and Recruitment team for further information:

Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 5015


Course Information

4 weeks + MCA Orals
Candidates must have completed 36 months’ watchkeeping service while holding an OOW Unlimited II/1 Certificate of Competency. This period may be reduced to 24 months if at least 12 months of such seagoing service has been served as Chief Mate while holding a Chief Mate Unlimited II/2 Certificate of Competency. A valid personal medical fitness certificate recognised by the MCA.