Ship Safe Training Group Ltd. (SSTG) is a not-for-profit organisation, working on behalf of more than 20 international shipping companies in providing officer cadet and training management services.

Ship Safe Training Group

It was established in 1978 by three local Medway companies, Everards, Crescent and Lapthorn Shipping, to help with the introduction of the international convention STCW 1978.

Since those early days SSTG has grown by reputation to be an integral part of its member companies, working in officer cadet recruitment and management of all training required by its members. SSTG currently has over 500 cadets under training and administers all short courses and Higher certificate training and any research projects they require.

Being the longest established consortium in maritime training and management, SSTG has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is highly respected throughout the UK maritime sector with excellent working relationships with all maritime training providers in the UK.