Project Management Activities

Our ship management consultants have been involved over the years in a broad range of project management activities on behalf of clients.

Project Management Activities

These project management activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conducting gap analysis and providing technical solutions
  • Creating vessels statutory equipment inventories and critical spares
  • Assistance with the introduction of new vessels into service
  • Heavy lift cargo operational management
  • Introduction of new Port regimes
  • Assistance with a vessel registration and change of flag

Some recent work includes:

  • Project management for a tanker operator who needed to quickly change flag for 5 ships. This involved setting up a web-based support tool, which contained all the required Flag State and Class documentation, was accessed by all involved parties and greatly speeded up the process
  • Change of governance at a harbour authority involving a local survey of residents and management of change to the new structure
  • Set up a web based tool for a yacht owner wishing to have a “hands-on role” in the tendering and build of his new yacht. This meant the ability to manage multiple, but confidential bids, and then cover and manage the build and launch process
  • Created a new database for a government customer, which was urgently needed to better manage an examination system with a high degree of confidence and integrity. Another project very satisfactorily executed, dealing with difficult “politics” and conflicting objectives but delivered on time and on budget

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