UKLAP Grade 2 Assessment

Azimuth Nautical Solutions provides a UKLAP Grade 2 Assessment and Report service for those companies who are required by MCA to evaluate Officers on their UK Legal and Administrative Processes (UKLAP) knowledge at Grade 2 level and maintain a record of satisfactory test completion.

UKLAP Grade 2 Assessment

Any officer working on board a UK-registered vessel who does not have a UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) must have a Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC). To be eligible to hold a UK CEC, the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) advises in MSN 1867(M) that all Chief Mates, Chief Engineers and Second Engineers need to have knowledge of UKLAP to enable safe and efficient ship operation in compliance with UK regulations.

All owners and operators of UK vessels are responsible for ensuring that their officers have this knowledge. Chief Mates, Chief Engineers and Second Engineers need to have knowledge of UKLAP equivalent to Grade 2 and must be assessed by their company, with the details of the test being kept on record in the company office for inspection by the MCA.

A 1-page summary of this service is available for reference at: UKLAP Grade 2 Assessment

UKLAP Grade 2 Assessment & Report

Each candidate will be provided with guided learning materials to aid their preparation in advance of the formal assessment. When a candidate is fully prepared, a 1-hour UKLAP Grade 2 Oral assessment will be undertaken to evaluate knowledge of the following:

  • List of Certificates and Documents required to be carried on a UK flagged vessel
  • Role and function of the MCA
  • Provision of Muster, Drills and Training onboard
  • Provision of Health and Safety on UK ships
  • An outline knowledge of entries to be made in Official Log Book

Following completion of the assessment, both the company and candidate will receive a copy of the formal Assessment Report, which confirms the assessment outcome and can then be retained on record as required by MCA.


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