Officer Cadet Management Services

Azimuth works with a select group of Officer Cadet management services companies in the UK, who specialise in the recruitment and management of UK, EU and other nationals as navigation, marine engineer and marine electro-technical Officer Cadets, on behalf of corporate clients.

Officer Cadet Management Services

Officer Cadets may be recruited to work in the superyacht industry or to work in the various shipping sectors of the merchant navy (e.g. cargo, container, cruise, tanker, etc.), with new cadet intakes normally commencing in September or January.

Officer Cadet Management Services offered on behalf of corporate clients can include:

  • Promotion of available opportunities
  • Recruitment and selection of Officer Cadets
  • Active management throughout the 3-year cadetship
  • Monitoring of progress with seagoing deployments and academic studies
  • Management of Support for Maritime Training (SMarT) funding claims on behalf of clients
  • Ensuring that newly qualified officers have met all certification and training requirements prior to appointment

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