Port Marine Safety Code Audits

Azimuth Nautical Solutions is pleased to provide Port Marine Safety Code Audits, to assist ports and harbour authorities in maintaining compliance with Code requirements.

Port Marine Safety Code Audits

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety, including the use of port marine safety code audits to evaluate effectiveness of support systems. The PMSC’s aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine environment and it is endorsed by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and representatives from across the maritime sector.

The Code requires the development, implementation and maintenance of a Marine Safety Management System (MSMS), to ensure that all risks are identified, assessed and controlled. The more severe risks must either be eliminated or reduced to the lowest possible level, so far as is reasonably practicable.

The PSMC also requires that the MSMS incorporates a regular and systematic review of its performance, based on information from monitoring the system itself and from independent audits of the whole system. Performance of the MSMS should be assessed against internal performance indicators and, where appropriate, by benchmarking against other similar organisations that have adopted good practice.

Our consultants are experts in maritime safety and will conduct a full PMSC audit, including risk assessments and the MSMS, with the following objectives:

  • To assess the degree of compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code
  • To assess the degree of compliance with associated port and marine legislation
  • To assess the degree of compliance with the ‘Guide to Good Practice on Port Marine Operations

The following areas and activities will be sampled in full or in part during the audit:

  • Review of existing powers based on local and national legislation
  • Compliance with the duties and powers under existing legislation
  • Formal assessment of all risks in accordance with good practice
  • Operation of an effective Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Use of competent people (i.e. trained qualified and experienced)
  • Monitoring, Review and Auditing of the Safety Management System
  • Publication of a Safety Plan and reporting of performance
  • Compliance with directions from the General Lighthouse Authorities

Following completion of Port Marine Safety Code Audits, our consultants produce clear and concise reports and, when appropriate, provide practical recommendations for addressing issues arising or achieving related improvements.

A 1-page summary of this consultancy service is available for reference at: Port Marine Safety Code Audit

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