Navigational Products & Services

ChartCo is the world’s largest distributor of navigational data, nautical charts, marine technical publications and digital products. Innovative solutions combined with global locations mean that ChartCo can provide a market leading solution to the most demanding of fleets.

Navigational Products & Services

ChartCo’s portfolio of navigational products and services includes the following:


The industry’s leading software solution which delivers weekly data to more than 6,500 vessels at sea, allows them to plan passages, order digital and paper products, optimise routes and much more. Add to this an unrivalled expertise in the digital products and services which are being adopted by more vessels every day and ChartCo is the ideal partner for the era of digital navigation.

Regs4ships and Regs4yachts

These services are the world’s leading digital maritime regulation solutions which allows management offices and vessels to keep right up to date with ever-changing flag state and international legislation and regulations.


This is a powerful, intuitive solution to help the crew comply with environmental regulations.


Docmap is a world-leading, safety and quality management system, a next generation platform for HSEQ compliance.

Superyacht Services

The Superyacht Services team are exclusively dedicated to servicing the navigation management requirements of both motor and sailing yachts, mainly over 24 metres. They offer a tailored and personal service set-up, which is “individualised” to suit the requirements of each yacht.


Bookharbour is an online store providing digital and paper charts and books, instruments, brassware, flags and navigational software for leisure boat owners and enthusiasts. It is also a convenient way for commercial mariners and navigators to purchase individual items and publications.

Physical Products

ChartCo also maintains stock of physical products in several strategic locations worldwide including London, Singapore and Rotterdam, so they can deliver rapidly almost anywhere in the world. Their network of approved sub-distributors and agents extends their reach to all the world’s principal ports. Today Chartco supply navigational products, services and data to more than 13,000 ships around the world, and are authorised distributors for ADMIRALTY, C-MAP, PRIMAR, Transas and Pay as You Sail (PAYS) solutions, as well as IMO, ICS, ITU, US, Flag State and MPA publications.

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