Port Emergency Response Exercises

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) was developed in 2000 and sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety, including the use of port emergency response exercises.

port emergency response exercises

The PMSC’s aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine environment and it is endorsed by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and representatives from across the maritime sector.

Section 2.24 of the PSMC requires the Marine Safety Management System (MSMS) to incorporate a regular and systematic review of its performance. This should be based on information from monitoring the system itself and from independent audits of the whole system.

Our consultants can assist Ports and Harbour Authorities to evaluate their contingency and emergency preparedness functionality on a regular basis. With table-top assessment exercises that can be tailored against your procedures and utilise credible and challenging scenarios, which cover an array of aspects likely to present themselves in a real event.

After undertaking these assessment exercises and testing associated procedures, our staff can often assist clients in refining their emergency response protocols.

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