MCA Helideck Safety Training

Our partner organisation, Maritime Aviation is pleased to offer a range of MCA Helideck Safety Training courses to the superyacht industry.

MCA Helideck Safety

MCA Helideck Procedures & Emergency Response (1 Day)

This course gives delegates a basic understanding of what is required to operate helicopters at sea, safely, and will effectively train delegates to become Helideck Assistants (HDAs) on aviation-capable large yachts.

MCA Helideck Fire Fighting (1 Day)

This course gives delegates the techniques required to extinguish helicopter fires, safely and efficiently, and will show delegates how to prepare all firefighting equipment for the helideck, prior to flying operations and teach them how to take appropriate actions in response to helicopter fire relates emergencies.

MCA Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) (1 Day)

This course continues on from the Helideck Procedures & Emergency Response course to focus on the HLO’s leadership role during a variety of realistic Standard and Emergency Operating Procedures (SOPs & EOPs). As leader of the Helideck, the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) plays a crucial role towards safe and efficient helicopter operations on board.

MCA Helicopter Refuelling (½ Day)

This course gives delegates a basic understanding of what is required to refuel helicopters at sea, safely.

Aviation Awareness (½ Day)

This course gives non-helideck crew members an understanding of the hazards associated with operating helicopters on board, in order to improve overall safety of flying operations. It is designed for all members of the crew who may need to work around the helicopter and helideck, including the Bridge teams and Interior Crew, who would benefit from understanding the risks associated with them.

MCA Helideck Safety Training Package

Maritime Aviation also offer a combined package, which is designed to incorporate all elements required to carry out the duties of MCA certified Helideck Crew, including:

  • Element 1 – MCA Helideck Procedures & Emergency Response
  • Element 2 – MCA Helideck Fire Fighting
  • Element 3 – MCA Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)
  • Element 4 – MCA Helicopter Refuelling

For further information about each of these MCA Helideck Safety Training courses, please visit:

MCA Helideck Courses

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