ISM Safety Management System Review

Our team of highly experienced International Safety Management experts regularly undertake an ISM Safety Management System Review on behalf of clients.

ISM Safety Management System Review

To comply with the International Safety Management Code (ISM) Code, every company must have a functional Safety Management System (SMS), which conforms to the requirements of the ISM Code and includes a safety and environmental protection policy, safe operating procedures, defined levels of authority, procedures for internal audits etc.

All SMS require regular review and update or perhaps redevelopment following a specific failure, such as after an incident, a flag or port state issue or just to maintain effective functionality. The system should be periodically reviewed, as per the ISM Code, although a company may not have the resource available to undertake such a project.

Our ship management consultants understand what actually has to be included in a compliant Safety Management System (SMS) and how it is best administered.

This professional expertise ensures that the company’s SMS can be effectively reviewed and updated or redeveloped, complying with the ISM Code and applicable mandatory rules and regulations. Our consultants always apply the principle of ‘keeping it simple’, making the look and the feel of your revised SMS more user-friendly.

Our management system experts are familiar with current trends, common failures and what Flag State and Port State Control inspectors are often looking for, within associated regulations including their amendments (i.e. SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, and MLC etc.) They can also make it easier to demonstrate compliance by referencing documents to international requirements and by undertaking gap analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Our clients often choose to support any SMS Review and Redevelopment project work with associated internal audits. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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