Emergency Readiness Assessment Service

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Southampton, UK – 2 November 2018 – Azimuth Nautical Solutions Ltd. is pleased to provide a comprehensive Emergency Readiness Assessment Service to vessels, management companies and owners in the commercial maritime, cruise and superyacht sectors.

This service  is designed to assist clients in meeting the ISM, ISPS and REG Yacht Code requirements for contingency and emergency readiness evaluations to be conducted at regular intervals.

To determine the emergency response capability of a vessel, our assessment exercises are tailored to meet your company procedures and focus on command and control, emergency response organisation, vessel operations, external liaison and human resource management.

Our multi-disciplinary teams utilise their extensive marine and company management experience to provide credible and challenging scenarios, which cover an array of aspects likely to be present in the real event. Examples  of such situations may include:

  • Collision at sea
  • Grounding in port approaches
  • Breach of watertight integrity
  • Fire in critical operational spaces
  • Loss of command centre or muster station
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • Security alerts/emergencies
  • Evacuation from the vessel

After undertaking appropriate assessment exercises and testing associated procedures, our consultants can provide recommendations for improvements to the vessel’s emergency procedures, as well as guidance and training to those involved in the exercises. If required, our teams can also assist companies in refining their emergency response protocols, both aboard and ashore.

A 1-page summary of this consultancy service is available for reference at: Emergency Readiness Assessments

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