New III Code & IMSAS Awareness Course

III Code & IMSAS Awareness

Southampton, UK – 20 August 2018 – Azimuth Nautical Solutions has today launched a new III Code & IMSAS Awareness course, which is relevant for those who need to understand the requirements and responsibilities for compliance with the IMO Instruments Implementation (III) Code and the IMO Member States Audit Scheme (IMSAS).

This 1-day course is aimed at governmental agency and Flag State personnel involved in III Code & IMSAS activities, as well as company managers and other senior industry staff who would benefit from a broader understanding of these IMO resolutions. The course can be delivered at your premises or at any other suitable location worldwide.

The course covers the following key topic areas:

  • Overview of IMO Instruments implementation (III) Code
  • III Code – Parts 1 to 4 (Common Areas, Flag States, Coastal States, Port States)
  • Overview of IMO Member States Audit Scheme (IMSAS)
  • IMSAS Framework & Procedures
  • Flag State Performance Table
  • Marine Casualty Investigation – Purpose & Key Principles

A 1-page summary of this training course is available for reference at: III Code & IMSAS Awareness

For further information or to make a course booking, please contact Azimuth Nautical Solutions at:


Tel:      +44 (0) 2380 173838