New ISM Code Familiarisation Course

ISM Familiarisation

Southampton, UK – 23 November 2018 – Azimuth Nautical Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch today of its new ISM Code Familiarisation course, which provides delegates with greater awareness of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, its requirements and how it applies to them and their company’s operations.

This 1-day course covers the latest 2018 edition of the ISM Code and its guidelines for implementation, including the new guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management as cyber risks will have to be addressed in safety management systems by 1 January 2021.

The course is suitable for anyone working in the maritime industries who needs to gain a better understanding of the ISM Code and its application to marine operations. It can be delivered at company premises or another agreed location globally.

The programme covers the following key topic areas:

  • Development of the ISM Code
  • ISM Code requirements – implementation, certification/verification and associated guidelines
  • Effective ISM compliance
  • ISM/SMS audits – process and procedures

Course objectives include:

  • Familiarising delegates with the ISM Code, and how it applies to them and their company
  • Understanding the context of the ISM Code and the framework of maritime laws
  • Identifying the key themes in safety and risk management and the importance of process and warning signs

Course benefits include:

  • Individuals gaining a much broader understanding of the elements of the ISM Code and its importance
  • The company will also benefit as staff will better appreciate their role in safety management processes
  • Course delivery by experts in the areas of safety management, auditing, Flag State and Port State Control in an engaging interactive style

A 1-page summary of this training course is available for reference at:  ISM Familiarisation

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