Steam Propulsion Plant Operations

The Steam Propulsion Plant Operations simulator used for this course is a control room mock-up, which can accommodate four students. The control room is arranged to produce a true working environment with four stations, each station being able to call up any specific part of the system. The simulator can be operated individually or as a team.

The system depicts a single screw two-stage turbine and double reduction, articulated gearing system and nitrogen purging and gas detection.

The majority of steam turbine propelled vessels are liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers. These vessels are at present in the minority, relative to the world fleet. However, indications forecast a significantly large increase in these types of vessels.

The problem now is the lack of steam propulsion operational experience, together with the lack of understanding of the utilization of liquid cargo ‘boil off’ in the propulsion plant. This LNG ‘boil off’ system increases the overall economic performance of the steam plant that would otherwise be a wasted energy.

This course can be delivered at any venue, operating on a network of laptop PCs to suit clients’ requirements.

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